Festivals, home/office parties, Fundraisers/Charities, Sports Tournaments, catering for any event!
 Monday  11:30-1:30pm Closed
 Tuesday  11-1:30pm Closed
ROC-State St.
 11-1:30pm ROC-Broad St
  11pm-2am Lux Lounge
666 South Ave

 11-1:30pm ROC-State St.
 11-2am Lux Lounge
666 South Ave

Saturday 11-2am Lux Lounge
666 South Ave
Roc  City  Sammich  Food  Truck  is  based  in  Rochester, NY.  Founded  in  2012 , Roc  City  Sammich, LLC  has  grown  from  a  small  trailer  to  a  full  size  food  truck  thanks  to  the  support  from  our  fellow  Rochesterians.    We're  known  for  our  "Pittsburgh-Style " sammich  which  is  topped  with  provolone  cheese,  french  fries  and  our  signature  sweet  coleslaw  piled  high  between  thick  slices  of  toasted  Italian  bread.   Roc  City  Sammich  has  several  other  sammiches  choices  to  satisfy  any  taste.    Our  sammich  creations  change  with  the  seasons  so  check  us  out  any  time  of  the  year  to  satisfy  your  sammich  craving.!

""Pittsburgh-Style""Sammiches & More!!
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